Welcome to the Empowered Community.

I am Emma (Em) and I’m a millennial leader. 

I’m a mother of two, a career woman, a writer, a speaker, a risk taker...

I’m a traveling, career-oriented, outspoken, empathetic, quirky, growing woman, and as I’ve been blazing this trail in front of me for the last 14 years of my career, I've realized that with admiration often comes criticism.  Being a leader, (particularly a female leader), can be a lonely place every now and then.  And, while I look around and see more and more examples of strong female leadership, I also see some segregation... still.

I see us all still boxing ourselves into these groups; this idea that we need to form a posse to be strong together in a fight against a male dominated industry... but what if instead of banding together against... we came together to join?

I aim to show women (and men) that nothing about your gender, your race, your age, or your orientation should determine your worth in your field or in your life.  There is nothing that will stop your quest for success, except you.

Here I want to gather all leaders; future and current, to collaborate with one another in a different way.  Here we share our thoughts, ideas, strategies, and their most vulnerable  musings to grow our community into more competent, more thoughtful, and kinder leaders by encouraging relatability with a healthy dose of realism.

Come take a seat at the table. You belong here.