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E Powered Benefits

David grew up in what from the outside, would likely seem a loving upper middle class household.  But the reality is often different than the image.  At the age of 12, his parents divorced and this set David on a path of independence.   It compelled him to want to work and not need to rely on anyone.  So, at the age of 12, he began telemarketing life insurance, quite successfully, for a few agents of a large life insurance carrier.  During this same time, David also turned to food as a comfort and before he was 20, he weighed north of 300 lbs, eventually topping out in adulthood at 397 lbs.  After a brief stint of trying to combine his passion for photography with both work and school (David did one year at Rochester Institute of Technology), David started selling group health insurance plans at age 17.  Hustling got him far, but his real accomplishments, many of which still have yet to be realized, occurred in 2014 when he saw the damage the traditional health insurance and healthcare system was inflicting on people.  Today, David has an amazing partner in both life and business, weighs around 180 lbs, and a company 100% committed to transparency and aligning the incentives of employer based health plans to benefit the employer and their employees, instead of the traditional incentives meant to benefit everyone else.