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Life showed up with all of its hilly rollercoasters for Dawn, the list of trauma's could compete with a VC Andrews novel, yet there were so many blessings in the mix her perspective stayed positive.  The first (5) years are patchy memories of a very sad mom and alcoholic/drug addict abusive father. The next (10) years included a divorce, a marriage and the sudden death of her step dad which devastated her mother who already suffered from severe depression, eventually attempting suicide and spending years in mental hospitals.  At 16 Dawn chose to move from CO to CA to eventually marry an alcoholic/drug addict who has since passed away.  Not to mention a complete career change from corporate to entrepreneurial at age 37!  And every step in all of that hard life stuff has brought her to where she feels she is on the path to living her best life.  Happily married to a man that shows her what love is supposed to be like, building a business in a field she connects with that allows her to align with her purpose.  Dawn is passionate about making other people know how valuable they are.  She describes her mentoring style as an "enabling control freak" which basically means she will do everything she can to help you succeed and sometimes she can be blunt to avoid miscommunication.