Empowered Community

Despite being born as an unwanted child of two teenage parents and having little love or infrastructure to thrive in, Emma still persevered toward her goals both personally and professionally, with a bold move to the United States at 18 years old and a commitment to leave a legacy of abuse and hardship behind.  In the years that followed, Emma continued to rely upon instinct, hard work, hope, and straight-up hustle to get from step A to step B, climbing over each roadblock and hardship along the way.  Into adulthood and in continuation of life’s inevitable struggles Emma is now a partner at E Powered Benefits; the nation’s only completely transparent benefit consulting firm where Emma is well known as an industry RBP expert.  She is also the founder of Empowered Community where she has built a group of equally resilient leaders to form a coaching circle in an effort to help others walk a slightly easier path than she once faced.  Emma speaks openly and publicly about her own failures and the vulnerability in facing the consequence of life's common mistakes.  Most would describe her as quirky, outspoken, relentless, honest, and just a little tenacious.