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Woo-wee, here's a tenacious feature! Meet ALIGNED woman, Amy Evans!

Amy is an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping women step into their power in business and relationships. She's the founder of AlignWomen; a leadership and networking organization for professional women. She's also the President of boutique insurance agency, Colibri Insurance Services, Southern California. On top of that, she's an active member of the National Association of Health Underwriters and a regular contributor to industry publications. She's an enthusiastic speaker and social media guru.

We (of course) asked Amy to share one of her challenges with our community:

"I'm highly visible and outspoken in my industry and frequently have a perspective that goes against the mainstream. While I place a high value on speaking my truth, sometimes I feel appreciated by my colleagues, and other times I feel like an outsider. I'm not sure this is a challenge to overcome, but it's definitely something I must work to make peace with. I do that by staying clear on my values so that I'm always coming from a place of truth for myself, and keeping a group of close friends and colleagues who understand and support me, even if they don't always agree with me."

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