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Stephen Parrish is quintessential "Southern Charm" - his personal grace combined with his stellar 'get it done' attitude is inspiring.

Stephen is a natural fit for Empowered Leadership because he embraces both learning and teaching simultaneously.

We asked Stephen where he felt the most challenged and how he chooses to lead through it.

"Many of my peers are older "relationship" based brokers and their clients do business with them because they golf together or maybe live close by. I need to be able to separate myself using creativity, hard work, and as much knowledge as possible. I did two things to earn the right to say I'm a great advisor - I went to work with an experienced consultant who was willing to teach and mentor me without just treating me like another producer in the shop. And, I took time to understand the WHY and HOW of every piece of information I absorbed. It's not enough to just know something; we have to be able to understand it. I often compare my business research to studying for a test in college - and there is always a test in this field!

I strive to be a resource... to remain humble, helpful, and always willing to learn no matter how much I already know. That's good leadership."


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