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As if you haven't heard of the man himself, David Contorno. Who exactly is behind that controversial voice on our industry social media platforms? The one that challenges all our learned behaviors and preconceived notions of what healthcare really should be?

He might seem fearlessly confident but if you think he's rock solid, you're wrong. Like any other successful change agent, David has had to contend with a lot more failure than success to get to where we see him now.

David is the CEO of E Powered Benefits; an employee benefits consulting firm solely dedicated to taking employers through the journey of bucking the status-quo and realizing true healthcare transparency. After 17 years working as a traditional insurance broker, David reinvented himself and his career mission to establish E Powered Benefits where he's committed to everything he won't do any longer. His innovative consulting firm has a national reach with his outspoken and opinionated voice at the helm. David has been seeking out employer-pioneers to dive into a completely new type of healthcare control and has managed to deliver his employer clients an average of 30% decrease in costs.

We snuck up on the insurance community's loudest leader to ask him to share with us what it's really like to be David Contorno...

"My biggest struggle in life, both personal and professional, has been my fear of being vulnerable... or appearing vulnerable. I have come to believe everyone is vulnerable but it’s how they express it (or protect it) that drives the outcome.

People might regard me as a bold, “tell-it-like-it-is” disruptor; one that is willing to not be popular to do what is right. At least, I hope that is how I am perceived... but there is another side to me that many don't see or think to explore...

This side is scared, messy, and insecure. Professionally, where I may be able to push it aside a little easier, I still feel like the “new kid” in every room at every conference I attend. I am certain everyone in the room knows more than me, even when I am the keynote speaker! And while this does breed a little insecurity, it also propels me forward because no matter what, I am always willing to learn, make mistakes, and ask for help.

In my personal life, it has been much harder for me to push this fear aside. To be honest, it has really held me back until late. It wasn’t until I met someone that showed me how to be fearless, or how to push ahead despite the fear, by example and not by instruction, that I have fully learned and experienced that vulnerability should be an attribute, a strength, and not stigmatized or seen as weakness. All growth occurs outside our comfort zone. So be uncomfortable, vulnerable, and authentic to find the real you."


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