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Our development as a leaders come directly from those who are willing to teach, like David Mordo.

David has loaned his voice to others for years on the National Association of Health Underwriters circuit and while he and I belong to a lot of the same professional family, we have not always found ways to align from the far corners of our respective locations and target markets. But this past year or two we came together in debate and then in unison despite our differing opinions.

When I saw him recently at the #NAHUAC2019 he gave me a perspective that is brand new and one I will carry forth with me to better myself and everyone else I interact with in this business.

Sometimes, what we really need to do to gain traction in work and in leadership, is listen.

With his permission, I am sharing his thoughts on why we cannot assume that our limited space in this vast field is of singular importance. We have hustlers all over! We have friends and colleagues who go to work every day with ethics and integrity in mind even for those little fish.

But a lot of small fish make up a big community and they need leadership too.


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