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Talk about a powerhouse in a polished package!

Meet Shar Banerjee, MA...

Shar has worked herself into various Director roles within the industry and currently represents a national agency out of her NW office. I asked Shar how she handles some of the push back that comes from being a minority leader, and here's what she had to share:

"As a minority woman under 40, I would feel compelled to lead a meeting with my education and experience. I always felt the ‘stare” from C-Suite, but as time has gone by and I've grown more confident, I've realized what I said and how I said it would lend credence to my abilities.

Being a minority provides a strength and perspective that others may not have. Everyone has gone through adversity in their life and career and if you're able to relate your experience, it can really work to your advantage. For me, pushing through is the only option; if you don’t you are accepting the adversity to overcome and win."

Fun fact about Shar: She's lived in 6 states, and attended 11 schools; including a short stint overseas. This has given her the ability to relate to nearly everyone she meets.


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