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Just 7 years ago Dawn was forced to make a career change after a poor experience with her employer. It was at that point in her life that Dawn chose to reinvent herself and her career goals by stepping into a completely new industry as the sole proprietor. When we asked Dawn to share her story, we were compelled by the way in which she described her challenges and yet, at the end of every breath, was able to share a positive outcome after each difficult step she took.

We asked Dawn what leadership meant to her:

“I believe the best leaders create next generation leaders by inspiring engagement and contributions. Good leadership is NOT a “my way or the highway” endeavor; It opens the door to more ideas being generated. It’s about getting into “the trenches” when needed and leading by example before demanding better performance from others. It’s being able to admit and address when you’re wrong and make amends. Most of all, a good leader is inclusive and ensure that those they serve are cared for and feel invested in”.


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