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In the words of Alicia Keys... "This girl is on fire!"...

Meet Corey Biscoglia; a leader of PBM strategy and execution in Tampa, FL.

We met Corey as a result of her quick and confident introduction of herself, her values, and her goals and we haven't recovered since! We asked this spitfire what she's experienced while trying to make it in the professional world as a minority leader:

"Subcategory... Minority... Rookie... All groups I am familiar with and let’s be real here; no matter the amount of diligence or tenacity, those road blocks are ones to be faced head on from time to time.

In each of my professional leadership roles, I have found myself in a bucket different from the masses. With that said, I can call out one common thread to sew my way through each project; self-advocacy. Speaking to myself mentally as I would to those who I love the most. I have learned that ultimately we all carry unique qualities and differences in some capacity. And while they may be perceived as inhibitors, the perception is simply skewed. Lose the crutch and excuses, and own your strengths. Because therein lies your power. Embrace it."

Catch up with Corey at the NAHU Annual Convention next weekend. She is one worth watching!


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